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Clay Academy School Staff Directory

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  • All Clay Academy staff can be reached by calling our main office at 815.337.2529.
  • For those teachers who have created a personal webpage, a link to the page is provided in the Webpage column.
Name/Email Position Webpage
Cook, Dawn Principal  
Bohacz, Michelle Secretary to Principal  
Albright, Denise Associate  
Bacher, Ellen Associate  
Baier, Rachel Associate  
Cantwell, Catherine Grades 3 & 4 Teacher Webpage
Donato, Elizabeth Speech/Language Pathologist  
Sarich, Beth Elementary Counselor Webpage
GrandrathGrandrath, Joan Associate  
Gray-Pedersen, Theresa High School Teacher Webpage
Grossman, Hollie Associate  
Gubbe, Carol Associate  
Hall, Brittany Middle School Teacher Webpage
Harris, Melvin Student Interventionist  
Jakubik, Kathryn Social Worker  
Holmer, Malinda Art Teacher Webpage
Jarnecke, Carrie Associate  
Kraneman, Dawn High School Counselor Webpage
Krzeski, Cara K - 2nd Grade Grade Teacher Webpage
Lewis, Michael High School Teacher Webpage
Mack, Trevor Middle School Teacher Webpage
Mohr, Travis Physical Education (Elementary & Middle) Webpage
Moses, Terry Lead Student Interventionist Webpage
O'Herron, Dawn Nurse Webpage
Oslovich, John Middle School Teacher  
Pemrick-Chomor, Emily High School Teacher Webpage
Pierce, Christine Associate  
Stewart, Mary Grades 2 & 3 Teacher Webpage
Tschappat, Mark Physical Education (High School) Webpage
Wesolowicz, Nicole Floater Teacher (Elementary & Middle) Webpage
Winter, Jennifer Associate  
Wirth, Michelle Associate  








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